E-invoice enables you to send e-invoices to your customers and receive them from your suppliers. This reduces manual input, as the invoice documents are directly transferred between Monitor G5 and the ERP systems used by your customers and suppliers.

Get up and running

You don’t have to order this function – simply activate it yourself in Monitor G5. When activation takes place, an account is automatically created for you with Crediflow, the operator which manages the underlying distribution of invoices.

The price of the function is based on the volume of invoices managed, and invoiced on a monthly basis.

Sending e-invoices

When the service to send e-invoices is activated, you can check whether the customer is able to receive e-invoices in the customer register. Here you’ll be notified immediately if this is possible, or if you firstly have to send an invitation to the customer. These invitations are automatically distributed to the customer via the system.

You then proceed as normal, and the invoices are distributed electronically to the customers who have registered to receive e-invoices.

Receiving e-invoices

Once the facility to receive e-invoices is activated, all suppliers will be able to start sending you e-invoices. Incoming e-invoices are registered by the system automatically, and are set as pending for control/further action. You can also allow incoming e-invoices to be automatically sent for authorization.

To be able to receive e-invoices you are required to have installed the Electronic Invoice Management (EIM) option.

Peppol BIS 3.0

We can also offer an additional solution for exporting and importing e-invoices. This solution is suitable for those who already have an agreement with another e-invoice operator. Export and import take place in Peppol BIS 3.0 format via an FTP account.

If you already have an agreement with Crediflow we recommend transferring to our E-invoice solution, which provides a more seamless integration with Monitor G5.

Find out more about how to get started with E-invoice, or get in touch with your financial consultant at Monitor ERP System AB.