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How do I reverse a voucher or create a rectification voucher?Closed

You can read more about reversing a voucher and creating a rectification voucher here.

Can I make changes to the price in an arrival reported purchase order?Closed

It is not possible to adjust prices in an arrival reported purchase order. To be able to adjust the price, you need to undo the arrival reporting. Then you can adjust the price in the Register purchase order procedure before a new arrival is reported.

Why does it say there is no disposable balance when I want to report delivery?Closed

Even though the info in the Part register says there is a balance for the part, this balance might be cleared to be used in an order and then it is not available. Another scenario is that you have a linked manufacturing/purchase order which has not yet been final reported.

Is it possible to update weight or CO2e data in a list instead of entering the info for each part?Closed

Yes, in the Sustainability list procedure you can do mass updates of emission data.

Is climate data added to the existing Part register or is a separate Part register created with CO2e per part?Closed

In the existing Part register, there is a new tab called Sustainability. This is where climate data is entered. By supplementing data already contained in the ERP system with information on energy consumption and carbon dioxide equivalents (CO2e), Monitor ERP can calculate your carbon footprint at component level and help structure emissions at company level (according to Scope 1, 2 and 3).

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Keep an eye out for our latest addition Monitor BI (Monitor Business Intelligence) launching soon. Monitor BI gives you the tools you need to easily and effectively analyze data, create compelling visualizations, and make smarter decisions.

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