EIM Workflow

EIM Workflow is an option you can add to Electronic Invoice Management (EIM). EIM Workflow automates the invoice flow in Monitor ERP, from registration, linking of purchase order, and authorization, to the final recording of invoices.

What are the benefits?

Electronic management of supplier invoices through EIM Workflow makes the process more simple, secure, and efficient. Incorporated into Monitor ERP, EIM Workflow is an extremely powerful tool for invoice management.

Providing the conditions are met, EIM Workflow matches the invoices automatically – all you need to do is carry out the final recording. The process can be further streamlined by allowing final recording to take place automatically, through a complete match.

EIM Workflow enables you to choose whether to match the invoice at header level, or header and row level. If discrepancies are identified between an invoice and a purchase order, the invoice is simply manually linked to the correct purchase order, arrival, and part, and matching can proceed.

How EIM Workflow works

The invoice data is imported into EIM Workflow in Monitor ERP after the supplier invoice has been scanned and interpreted. The scanning and verifying of invoice information takes place in the CrossState cloud service via the Invoice Capture function in Electronic Invoice Management (EIM).

The invoice is then automatically matched with the purchase order, both at header level and, as appropriate, row level. If EIM Workflow detects deviations that exceed what has been entered in the system settings, the invoice is sent for authorization.

It is possible to set exceptions from the system settings for specific suppliers.

In the event of a complete match – taking any exceptions and amount limits into account – the invoice can be directly forwarded for final recording.

If deviations are detected, EIM Workflow will primarily send the invoice to the signer code which is entered in the Supplier register, and secondarily to the reference stated on the purchase order.

If none of these links exist, you must manually send the invoice for authorization via an authorization list in EIM Workflow. During the process, you can also change the authorization list by adding or removing signers or simply forwarding an invoice to another signer, directly from the inbox or from the invoice you have opened.

The signer will receive the case in their inbox, from where they can directly manage the invoice with a simple click.

The invoices with no purchase order (for expenses) are automatically referred for control/authorization.

Once the final signer has handled the invoice, it is forwarded for final recording. The adjustments made to the invoice during authorization in terms of price and posting are automatically captured during final recording, and just have to be approved in order for the invoice to be signed off for payment.

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