Product configurator

By using the Product configurator option in Monitor ERP, you can manage and combine several variants and models of a product. Based on a certain basic model you can compose different variants and create different models of a product, and then calculate prices and create manufacturing orders.

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The Product configurator can be used for different needs depending on the field of operation and work method:

Sales – Makes it easy to define different product variants when making quotes and orders, and you can see straight away which configurations are possible to create and what they will cost. The Product configurator can with advantage be combined with a web solution to present a user-friendly interface to e.g. salesmen or customers. This way you provide an improved accessibility.

Production – Manufacture the right product variant with correct operation and material contents. This provides easy management of variants from each separate order, directly generated from the customer order. Pre-calculations, structure lists, check delivery times, and corresponding structure management are made for any configuration. Many different product variants based on a minimal range of parts.

Aftermarket – The Product configurator enables detailed follow-ups and traceability of each product variant. With an integrated product register, the information about each sold (specific) product is managed via a unique serial number. This facilitates management and provision of spare parts, warranty commitment, and maintenance of each specific product variant.

Web solution

As mentioned earlier, you can easily combine the Product configurator with a web solution. Then it is possible to for example select design and layout of the website according to your own specific requirements and needs.

All configuration data is loaded directly from the Monitor database. If changes are made in the database, the information on the website will also change.

  • The web solution offers customers and retailers the opportunity to configure and order products themselves depending on their needs. With different login information it is possible to adapt e.g. the range of products, layout, language etc. to meet the needs of the customer/retailer.
  • This way the salesperson can use a web solution and directly design the product while discussing it with the customer and at once see what is possible to create and at the same time present the cost.

Basic data

The basic data consists of a basic BOM and routing plus a configuration group where option lists and rules for the different product variants are specified.

Support Functions

In addition to this, there are also calculation and order procedures where the products are configured as well as functions used to show and administer configuration statistics.


The Product configurator can be seen as an alternative to the alternate BOM and routing. In the alternate BOM and routing you use a complete "maximum BOM and routing" as a basis where all possible material and operation variants are listed, and with aid of rules you decide which of these will be included or not in the BOM and routing for a certain variant code, revision, order, customer, quantity, or period.

When using the Product configurator, you will instead use a basic BOM and routing or "mini-BOM and routing" where you include only the items that always should be included in the product and that is not in any way optional, for example the assembly.


In the configuration, the different components are combined to become the finished product. The configuration is made in connection with order registering, pre-calculations, quoting, etc.

If it is a customer-made product the selectable components can be determined by rules and variables. Formulas can be used to calculate variables and determine rules. Formulas can also be used to calculate quantities and prices.

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