Machine integration

Do you have full control over interruptions in your production? Is your production optimal? Are your post-calculations reliable? MI helps you to improve your production within the areas mentioned above.

What is MI?

MI is a function which integrates your machines with Monitor ERP. This way the worked hours, quantity, and downtime are reported automatically. You also get a good overview of the current situation and OEE follow-up.

If there is a high level of automation in your production, the follow-up of stop times and machine usage is essential.

MI helps you with:

  • Stops are reported automatically by the machine – The operator selects a stop cause and you can also follow up on on-duty time to the machine.
  • Quantity is reported continuously by the machine – The manual quantity enumeration and reporting will not be needed.
  • Follow-up on pace and planned finish time – It is possible to see an overview of the machinery's status. You can also use a board showing if you're on target. You will get a clear and visual machine monitoring.

What are the benefits?

There are multiple benefits of using MI:

  • More accurate reporting
  • Reliable post-calculations (profitable/unprofitable products)
  • Simplified manual reporting for operators
  • Improved machine monitoring
  • Displaying OEE scores
  • Improved control of total profitability

Underlying technology

For each machine, a PLC should be linked (see illustration below) to interpret the signal from the machine and then report to Monitor ERP. One signal indicates that the machine is running, and another one that a piece is finished.

In addition to the PLC, you also need an MI server and one machine terminal per machine (marked red in the illustration to the left). You can then connect as many dashboards as you like (the red screen with charts).

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