Our EDI solution means you can electronically transfer business documents as structured messages between Monitor G5 and your customer's/supplier's ERP system. All communication will take place more or less automatically.

EDI communication

The EDI communication between Monitor G5 and your customer/supplier will take place over the internet via an EDI bridge.

EDI messages

Monitor G5 uses EDI messages in an internal format, which means that these messages must be converted into the required standard, for example, EDIFACT. The message conversion is performed via an external EDI software or VAN service. There the message will be converted to/from the standard asked for by the customer/supplier.

Monitor G5 supports the following business transactions:

Sales flow

  • Import customer orders
  • Import delivery schedules
  • Export order confirmations
  • Export customer invoices
  • Export simplified dispatch advice
  • Export complex dispatch advice
  • Export customer order response

Purchase flow

  • Export purchase orders
  • Export delivery schedules
  • Import order confirmations
  • Import simplified dispatch advice

Interested in finding out more? Please contact our Sales department at sales@monitor.se.